New Brit Brand – Matt James Men’s Underwear

We’re a UK based blog, so home grown talent is very close to our heart here at Blokes Undies HQ. Matt James Men’s Underwear is based in Cheshire and launched in early 2018.
Matt James’ fitness credentials supported beautifully by a locker room shot. Model: Max Wyatt.

An Ethos of Comfort & Quality

Matt’s brand has been developed to give underwear fans access to clean cut, high quality undies online. The recent blossoming of home grown British men’s underwear brands reflects the desire to support UK manufacturing, and a hankering for traditional quality and cuts. This new addition to the Brit undies brands fold is a very welcome one.
Clean cut boxers for body conscious blokes. Model:Harvey Roberts.
The Matt James Men’s Underwear brand features built in support and comfort. It’s got a great value price point with the tag starting from £12.99. We’re looking forward to seeing more from these guys, great pics, great classic styling. Another British brand added to the underwear fold!

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