Men & Underwear Launch New Online Shop

Men’s underwear fashion has many passionate fans and followers. The Men and Underwear blog has been sharing pants based knowledge and passion via it’s blog and e-zine since 2011. They’ve recently used those years of experience to create their very own online retail venture in the form of an online men’s underwear boutique.

Men & Underwear’s Top Picks

Here’s a couple of the new lines you can shop, specially selected by their crack team of underwear experts.
Code 22
Code 22. That’s the call they put out in the emergency room when a patient is admitted suffering irregular heartbeat due to excessive crotch gazing. True story.
Men and Underwear have sourced and curated a fine selection of choice underwear brands and styles to kick off the venture. Everything for sale in the new store has been personally sourced, tried and tested to ensure customers are offered genuine quality products. Men & Underwear will continue to use their knowledge to add stand out styles that appeal to discerning followers of underwear and swimwear fashion.
2xist pride
You can’t help but take pride in these beauties. Fresh styling from 2xist available in the newly minter Men and Underwear online store now!
Congratulations and good luck guys – it’s great to see an online offering with that personal touch. Here at Blokes Undies we all hope your venture will be a great success, and look forward to hearing more about all the fabulous brands and styles you’ll be featuring. They also have a bricks and mortar store in Thessaloniki, Greece. Go forth and Shop Underwear Here. You won’t regret it!

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