Sexy Men’s Swimwear Sales Set to Soar in Summer 2021!

Like a champagne cork just ready to pop – interest in men’s swimwear is about to FIZZ.

sexy leopard print mens swim bikini briefs
Men are getting ready to step out in style as lockdown lifts and the beach beckons in 2021!

Men’s branded swimwear and underwear specialists have already noticed a significant increase in sales, especially of swim thongs, strings, low rise, bikini and tanga briefs, hipster shorts and enhancing pouch styles from their online store.

The pent-up desire for beach holidays and sunbathing, abandoned in 2020 because of the pandemic, means male swimmers are in big demand.

DGU stocks male swim slips and shorts all year, repeating classic styles and colours, but also adds a flurry of new looks, fabrics and designs every spring. The latest lines on DGU come from Modus Vivendi, Olaf Benz, Manstore, Andrew Christian and Ergowear, everything from tiny thongs to male bikinis and low slung mini boxers.

Bulge-enhancing ergonomic swimwear shapes are hugely popular and fabrics range from plain microfibres with matt or sleek finishes, glitzy shine, glitter and leopard spots, velvet (yes, velvet swimmers from MV) and a smattering of tropical prints.

pale purple velvet mens tanga swim briefs
Indulge in some luxurious velvet swimmers by Modus Vivendi for summer 2021!

And as Deadgoodundies point out, a lot of guys need to revisit their current male swimwear selection to see if lockdown laziness or fitness have changed their shape. But who needs a new excuse to buy men’s beach briefs or boxers?

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