Go Wild With Tarzan Loincloth Underwear

Looking to inject a bit of fun into the bedroom with a sexy outfit or do you dare to wear this to a fancy dress party? This Tarzan Loincloth cheekily combines costumes with underwear, the inbuilt thong will surprise anyone who takes a peek!

Male Power Animal Print Tarzan Loin Cloth

tarzan outfit loincloth with tiger print pattern
Bring out your inner tiger, you know you want to!


  • Built in thong.
  • Sexy animal print.
  • Fits up to 42 inch waist.
  • Guaranteed to thrill Jane.
  • Great for sexy roleplay or fancy dress.

Do you need a daring option for that summer fancy dress party? Perhaps you have a desire to leap out on your significant other, swinging out from behind the bedroom door with a jungle vine in your magnificent grasp?

This tarzan outfit, loincloth really, is just calling out to be snared. It’s cheap at under £13 and is made from super soft and comfortable stretchy fabric. It should fit up to a 42 inch waist.

tarzan loincloth underwear with sexy tiger print fabric
A cheeky thong is underneath the rear of the loincloth!

Tarzan Underwear – Ideas For Roleplay

First, you’ll need to get the hang of those Tarzan Ululations, so you can gracefully attach an authentic jungle vine to the lampshade before impressing Jane with your swinging skills.
Alternatively, you might just want to dim the lights and seductively suggest “Me Tarzan, you Jane” to start that seductive ball rolling.

This is a great low cost way to dip a toe into sexy bedroom costumes for men. Many reviewers have reported that this is a very comfortable and easy to wear piece of Tarzan underwear.

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