Time For A Bit of Funderwear! Go Wild With a Tarzan Loincloth

Underwear is never deadly serious, so Blokes Undies likes to take a look at the fun end of the undies spectrum from time to time.

Me Tarzan!

Do you need a daring option for that summer fancy dress party? Perhaps you have a desire to leap out on your significant other, swinging out from behind the bedroom door with a jungle vine in your magnificent grasp? Step right up folks, for a bit of jungle themed fun in your undies drawer!
Get practising those manly ululations for an authentic jungle atmosphere!
The Male Power Loin cloth features a Tarzan-esque jungle print, cheekily skimming your package which is restrained by a pouch front.
Nobody will be able to resist a cheeky peek underneath here. The thong back on this loincloth will make sure they get a good old eyeful.
This cracking bit of funderwear is fashioned in stretchy comfortable fabric and fits up to a 42 inch waist. You won’t need a perfectly sculpted body to look and feel tarzan-tastic in this. The price point is also great, at £14.99 it’s an affordable and sexy bit of fun. You can grab yours (before someone else does) at Lovehoney.co.uk.

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