Solar Tan Thru Hipsters – Tan Through Swimwear For Men!

Time to hit that beach boys! But, there’s nothing worse than those white lines is there? If you’re a sun worshipper but are fed up of being denied an opportunity to get a fabulous all over tan then here’s a solution that doesn’t involve letting it all hang out on a nudist beach.
Continental Tan Thru hipsters – they’re bright, they’re tropical… and you need to put the sunscreen on your dick as well. Sunburn on that delicate skin would be… well. Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?
Now, I’ll be the first to say that these patterns are a bit busy and sometimes verge towards the chintz end of the pattern spectrum. However, the science behind the fabric on these undies means that it’s filled with thousands of teeny weeny holes. Which if used in conjunction with plainer fabric patterns would leave your uh… weeny (OK fine, Hugey) right on show.
Remember those magic eye pictures that were all the rage in the 90’s? I’ve been staring at the crotch of these for an hour and all I’ve gotten is eye strain. Guess these are just your standard tan through hipsters. Sigh.
Jokes aside, these tan through swim lines aren’t something I’d ever wear. I don’t have the skin for it due to being from the UK and I’d invariably forget to sun cream my bum and end up with blisters on there. If you’re a sun worshipper though, these might appeal. Available from Kiniki, image credits also go to them.

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