Doreanse Body Thong – A Deliciously Sexy Fusion

Doreanse Underwear is well known for it’s erotic underwear stylings at an amazing price point. It also has some unique underwear fusions that will appeal to fans of sexy men’s lingerie on the lookout for something a little different.

What’s an underwear fusion? Well, that’s where you take two different underwear cuts and combine the best bits. This creates a unique bit of male lingerie fashion that’s bound to pique your interest. As well as the body thong, Doreanse also offer the boxer thong which is every bit as delicious as it sounds. But without further ado, let us show you the star of the piece…

Presenting The Doreanse Body Thong!

Doreanse see through men's body thong front view
I just… can’t stop looking at this.

  • Silky soft stretch tulle.
  • Round neck.
  • Check that pouch, it makes the package look like it’s floating!
doreanse see through mens body thong rear view

  • Seam free mesh as far as the eye can see. Well. To the neck, where else would you look?
  • Sexy thong back.
  • String is 1.5cm at rear.

Not For Borat

Although this type of underwear does invite comparison with the comic genuis that is Borat, it’s a little sophisticated for him. It’s actually sexy rather than looking ridiculous. However, with that said – it’d be a great piece for a stag night. At a rather amazing £13, the price point does lend itself to a bit of fun and the look is much more erotic.

Speaking of the bloke who launched the mankini into popular consciousness, Doreanse have something in their current collection that has more than a little in common with the famous green one piece. Except…

Doreanse 3012 Body Thong

Doreanse 3012 Body Thong Front
Sexy and strappy. Amazing lines.
  • Dual layer pouch for excellent support.
  • The pouch opens with two poppers for easy access.
  • Drop the pouch down, and out you pop!
Doreanse 3012 Body Thong Rear
This string goes all the way up to the top!
  • Sexy V shape at the rear.
  • String back 3.5cm.
  • Fabric is slightly see through for super sexy look, and features silky soft, stretchy feel.

Both of these Doreanse Body Thongs are hugely popular parts of the current collection. Their unique fit combined with a very low price point with both of them retailing for £13 means you can’t really afford not to try one if you’re interested.

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