Diesel Jockstraps – Spotlight on Designer Jock Style

A few short years ago, the concept of Diesel Jockstrap underwear seemed unlikely. A mainstream designer brand would have stuck purely to boxers and briefs. It’s a testament to the increasing popularity of this underwear cut to see not just one jockstrap but several within Diesel’s ranges today.

Here’s a few of the most recent men’s straps from the Diesel collection.

Diesel Rainbow Cotton Jockstrap

This bright and popping jockstrap comes as part of a multipack. There are three colours in the pack, rainbow, black, and zingy bright blue.

The design of the strap is pretty simple, and the rear straps don’t have the technical specifications you’d expect from bigger brands like Andrew Christian. However this is reflected in the price point, which is pretty good value at under £45. Your comfort is assured in a soft cotton lined  pouch, and the “Diesel for successful living” branding  is featured on the elasticated waistband.

Diesel jockstrap with branded waistband and rainbow pouch


  • Multipack with different colours.
  • Soft and comfortable cotton pouch.
  • Diesel “for successful living” branding on the waistband.
  • Lined pouch for great support.

Diesel Rainbow Cotton Stretch Jock

This soft and comfortable cotton jockstrap features the diesel branding in bright rainbow pride colours around the waistband. The straps at the rear also feature diesel branding leaving you in no doubt you’re wearing a pair of designer jocks.

You can get this jock in 3 popping colours and the front pouch is lined to provide excellent support and shape for your package.

turquoise diesel jockstrap with rainbow letter branded waistband


  • Branded waistband.
  • Bright rainbow colours.
  • Soft stretch cotton pouch.
  • Available in 3 bright and popping colours.

Diesel All Timers Jock Straps

If you like to wear low slung Diesel jeans, then these jockstraps are a must have accessory. Featuring a branded Diesel elasticated waistband, and black straps to the rear. The low slung cut makes this a great choice for any body conscious makes who like to show off that hard work in the gym. Comfortable pouch makes this a great pick for all day wear.


  • 3 Pack in popular black.
  • Black and white Diesel branding on the waistband.
  • Comfortable lined pouch.
  • Low slung hipster cut.

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Other Designer Jockstrap Brands

Diesel is not the only mainstream designer men’s underwear brand to start stocking a line of sexy jockstraps. Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani, have also introduced some designs to their ranges. Even mainstream department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams are stocking them. Unthinkable just a few short years ago!

This underwear cut is hitting the mainstream hard these days, which demonstrates how many men are embracing underwear  that makes them look and feel sexy.

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