Transport Your Balls in Comfort With Comfyballs Longer Leg Boxers

Comfortable balls. Not a lofty ambition, is it? But it’s one that seems to elude a lot of men when going about their daily business. In light of this, this spoty Norwegian brand have spotted their little niche in the market and filled it admirably with many happy, and comfortable customers.
This is a picture of a very attractive man enjoying his balls being cradled in total comfort.
Sporty black and red styling are combined with a longer inside leg (19.5cm) and a pouch that has been carefully designed to create a great shape and support. Lucky owners can wave farewell to the dreaded nut crush (never a good look at work, is it?). Thanks to the flatlocked seams you’ll no longer be treated to that sudden feeling of a highly localised leg wax as you stride confidently about your daily business. Cotton lycra mix for stretchy comfort and breathability, combined with the trunk boxer style means these longer leg boxer shorts are a must buy for anyone who likes comfyballs, and their leghair left to live it’s life in peace. Currently stocked in the UK at DGU, pop over and see them!

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