Comfyballs? No Thanks, We’re American!

It’s not often that someone makes the good old British stiff upper lip look positively free and easy, but our friends over the Atlantic recently showed that when it comes to true conservatism we are utter amateurs. As one quirky Norwegian men’s underwear company recently discovered, Uncle Sam would rather keep the rod rammed up his backside and wear his boring old tighty whities. “Comfyballs” recently decided to expand it’s operations and start selling it’s range of underwear in the USA. Sadly for them, when they applied to trademark the brand name the US Patent office was absolutely shocked and horrified at the “vulgar” nature of the name and refused them a trademark.  
They’re for your balls. And they are comfy. Job done.
  Their reason for refusal to allow our Norwegian pals to use the name was that “Comfyballs means only one thing – that a man’s testicles, or “balls” will be comfortable in the applicants undergarments” “The mark does not create a double entendre or other idiomatic expression… When used in this way, the word, ‘balls’ has an offensive meaning.” The brand’s owner has called for a review of the way that the patent office evaluates such applications. He’s recently managed to trademark the terms “Nice Balls”and “I Love My Balls” with our American friends. In conclusion, being a Ball Lover = good, Comfyballs = bad.
Looks pretty good to us...
Looks pretty good to us…
  To find out more about the many, many ways that these guys have found to make your balls comfy, you can pop over to their site. Thanks Comfyballs.