Semi Sheer Hip Hugging Boxer Shorts – Bruno Banani’s Metamorphosis is Lightweight & Cheeky

Exuding a cheeky and understated sensuality, Bruno Banani men’s underwear’s semi sheer hip-hugging boxers create a cheeky look that’s perfect for everyday comfort. Featuring a lightweight construction, it looks very much like wearing these would be on a par with gliding through the day with a wisp cloud gently supporting your crotch.
Cheeky without putting yourself right out there. A semi sheer boxer combines sensuality with comfort beautifully.
Despite the semi sheer rear, the front pouch features an extra layer of fabric to create extra support and conceal your crown jewels nicely. Branding is front and centre on the smooth waist elastic, and the classic stripe motif to the fabric is an excellent all round crowd pleaser.
Ooh, behave! Bringing up the rear is a seductively near see through fabric. A cheeky finish to these everyday undies.
The fit on these boxers is slim, and the pouch gives that all important lift, shape, and support. Bruno Banani is not for everybody, but these come pretty close IMHO. The sheer styling combined with practicality should appeal to anyone who’d like to dip a toe into more sensual men’s underwear waters. So why not jump in and give them a try. Bruno Banani is on sale in the UK at Dead Good Undies.

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