No Sex Please We’re British? Not Anymore With This New Brand at DGU

When we think about British styled men’s underwear it’s … sock garters, M&S, and Kenneth Williams in Silk Paisley pattern pyjamas (or is that just me?). Thankfully a new wave of brands which are infused with the best of that classic “British feel” in terms of quality and style have appeared on the scene in recent years. Quality, impeccable taste, and attention to detail are stitched in. Recently added to the DGU fold, British Boxers Men’s Underwear is a great addition.
I am just bursting with double entendres about stiff upper lips and roaring Spitfire engines. Look at the engineering on that crotch… the stitching is just exquisite. Even the model can’t keep his eyes off it.
The aptly named British Boxers has just been added to the already eclectic range of styles available from top UK underwear retailer DGU. With strong focus on quality and classic styling, their range of perfectly crafted boxers, trunks, robes, PJ’s, and loungewear will make an excellent addition to the offerings already available. Ideal for anyone who likes a touch of luxury and comfort in their undies wardrobe.
No self respecting British Underwear label should ever forget our great nation’s unending need for flannel. This robe achieves the impossible, and lifts the requirement for a cosy Sunday morning wrap up out of the realms of fashion drudgery. Model’s fairly easy on the eye too.
  British Boxers has just been added to the already brilliant ranges of blokes undies available at popular retailer, Dead Good Undies. Pop on over and check out some beautiful British Boxers.

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