Boxer Shorts So Scottish They Have an Accent – Tennents Boxers by Bawbags

Just when we thought that Bawbags jist couldnae get any mair Scottish… this happened. T-bags are Tennent’s themed boxer shorts so “yer baws” can match your pint down the pub. Classy.
It’s Scottish heaven – Tennents for your bawbags. See what they’ve done with the name too? T-bags? Your balls? Gettit??
Fashioned in deluxe cotton, and ideal for the man about town who’s always wanted to rub his crotch all over one of those Tennents bar towels you get in old man pubs, these boxers claim to offer the ultimate in “baw comfort” (that’s balls for any confused non Scottish speakers). Each and every pair sold supports cancer charities, which does go some way to making up for the extreme crimes against underpant fashion being committed here. Also featuring delightful side access for convenient loo visits after 3 or 4 pints of the amber stuff so beloved of Scots lager drinkers. Image credit goes to Bawbags, shop their originals boxer shorts right here.

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