Bold, Brash, & Exciting Boxers For… Yer Baws!

In typical Scottish style, these boxers are just as subtle as the brand name. Bawbags Men’s Underwear. In case any of you are milling around in underwear related confusion here, “Baws” is Scottish for “Balls” and the bag bit should be fairly self explanatory. Email me if you need a diagram drawing.
Rarr... let your inner tiger roar. Through your umm.. "baws".
Rarr… let your inner tiger roar. Through your umm.. “baws”.
Never a company to let go of a pun that’s working well, The Bawbags Mens Cool De Sacks (you see what they did there?) are not for the shy and retiring. The leopard print positively roars at you, and just in case you’ve forgotten who designed them, they’ve got “Bawbags” written all over them. I’m guessing that the inclusion of their signature target logo within the print gives the Zoo marksmen something to aim at if you get a wee bit too much into the jungle vibe, strip off, and start leaping out of hedgerows at unsuspecting members of the public. Ahem. To keep your bawbag feeling fresh and breezy, these boxers use clever moisture wicking technology (nobody likes sweaty baws), and a bamboo pouch with great fit for superb comfort. The descriptive stuff over and done with, I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room whilst I attempt to stop saying “Baw” all the time. Try it. It’s really quite liberating. Baw. See? You can find these cool boxers online at Bawbags for under fifteen of her majesties pounds.

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