Butt Lifting Padded Underwear – Andrew Christian Bubble Butt

Andrew Christian Bubble Butt boxers, briefs, and jockstraps create a pert bottom using special padded underwear inserts. We’re not really sure how Mr Christian does it. Most of his underwear styles pack in so many features that you’d expect the wearer to keel over, and land in an admittedly marvellous looking heap!

So What is Andrew Christian Bubble Butt and How Does It Enhance Your Bum?

Want to create a pert rear profile whilst wearing some incredibly sexy men’s underwear styles? This is the collection for you. Here’s  a look at the famous Andrew Christian Bubble Butt effect!.


These butt enhancing briefs use padding to the rear to create a pleasingly sexy and pert shape under clothing. The circular padding set is removable, making these enhancing briefs a versatile option for your underwear drawer.

A pleasingly rounded butt can be yours with these padded briefs!

If you’d like to see more butt lifting styles from this red hot men’s underwear brand, check them out in our online shopping resource. Each and every style we feature has been hand curated by one of the Blokes Undies team to create a unique shopping resource. We aim to help our users find unique boxers and briefs, and categorise them by hand to find features we know they want to see.


rainbow coloured mens jockstrap thong with bubble butt
Bubble Butt Jock Thong – Image Andrew Christian. See the style on their website!

The butt lifting bit – this rather ingenious jock gives you a fabulously pert and squeezable butt by encasing your cheeks in two super soft straps that not only look sexy, but create the famous Bubble Butt effect.

Tummy Slimming & Bulge Boosting Functionality Too? Be Still My Fluttering Heart!

Many of the briefs styles feature other enhancing features that the brand is so well known for including:-

  • Slimming waistband to trim the tummy and elminate muffin top.
  • Almost Naked ergonomic pouch for those who prefer a natural and unrestricted feel in underwear.
  • Bulge Boosting Show-It Pouches to add those inches to your package.

As if a fabulous bum wasn’t enough, Andrew would never dream of making underwear that didn’t add maximum fabulousness to your crotch.

Features like Show-It technology are available in combination with the padded underwear styles. This is a clever horseshoe shaped cup in the pouch, which adds up to 1.5 inches to the front profile.

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