Butt Lifting Technology Done Right – Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bubble Butt Jock

We’re not really sure how Andrew Christian Underwear for Men does it. Most of his underwear styles pack in so many enhancing features that you’d almost expect the wearer to keel over and land in an admittedly marvellous looking heap. Little wonder that most of his lines have a name that’d make any member of our British Royal family feel decidedly inadequate about the moniker department. Introducing… The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bubble Butt Jock with Show-It Tech
Does my bum look awesome in this? Sure does buddy!!
Does my bum look awesome in this? Sure does buddy!!
The butt lifting bit – this rather ingenious jock gives you a fabulously pert and squeezable butt by encasing your cheeks in two super soft straps that not only look sexy, but create the famous Andrew Christian Bubble Butt effect.
Mmmmm.... bubble butt. Yum.
Mmmmm…. bubble butt. Yum.
As if a fabulous bum wasn’t enough, good old Andrew would never dream of fashioning underwear that didn’t add maximum fabulousness to your crotch. Imbued with Show-It technology (which does exactly what it says on the tin), a clever horseshoe shaped cup in the pouch adds up to 1.5 inches to the front profile. Rather than switch out the lights to the design studio, Andrew Christian went the whole hog and made the waistband lettering glow like a beacon under black light. For this, and more features than seem feasable, check out the Almost Naked Bubble Butt Jock here.

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