Almost Naked Anchor Jock – Totally Nauticual Boosting Undies by Andrew Christian

Ya-har shipmates! You’ll be packing treasure up front with these new bulge boosting jocks from the ever glorious Andrew Christian Almost Naked range! Bulging with style at the front, cheeky at the back. What’s not to love?
Classy nautical print in contrasting blue and red give this strap a clean cut, preppy look. Featuring the waist slimming waistband technology and the Almost Naked crotch enhancing wizardry – you can’t help but look your best in this bad boy!
With a “snuggle pouch” designed to let your package fall in naturally and lift gently to eliminate such underwear atrocities as crushing and chafing, this strap is going to be high on both sex appeal and sheet comfort. Ideal for the active lad about town.
There’s um… read elastic here. And a particularly fine example of a bum.
You can find the Andrew Christian Almost Naked collection here. There’s a good reason why this collection is an enduring part of their mens underwear ranges. True bulge enhancing functionality and total comfort. Crotch heaven in one delightfully lifted and supported package.

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