2xist Shapewear For Men – Giving Nature A Helping Hand

Spring is coming, all those form fitting t-shirts, drainpipe trousers and skinny shirts are sitting in your wardrobe taunting you. So it’s time to hit the gym… or? Give nature a helping hand with 2Xist’s range of shapewear for men.
SHAPE:Form Boxer Trunks – create abs from the formless landscape where love handles live! Designed to be slim fitting and to streamline the torso. Begone foul muffin top, your time is up.
Not only do these trunk style boxers slim your waist, they also assist with a better posture for a more attractive confident profile. If you don’t have thousands of hours available to work it at the gym, these slimming boxers for men are a great option to look your best. The Shape Form range also comes in a brief cut with all the same great slimming and sculpting functionality. Image credits go to Bang and Strike who are stocking these 2Xist form sculpting undies. You can check out their slimming underwear department right here.

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