5 Outrageous Crotchless Mens Underwear Styles

Nope, it’s not just for the ladies – the guys are getting in on the gig as well. I’ve noticed a distinct upward trend in the number of sexy mens underwear styles in recent years and I have to say I’m absolutely thrilled to see the gender gap in titillatory (yes I made that word up!) undies for adventurous fellas!
So have I piqued your curiousity? Dying to see if you should rush out and grab yourself some seriously sexy mens underclothing? Sit back, relax and learn something new about the revolution in sensual mens underwear!

The more sexually repressed readers may want to have a sick bag to hand… I’m not sure your conservative tastes will be able to handle this!

1. Gregg Homme Fire Briefs

Leather look cut out fabric with a diamond shape cut out at the rear. *cough* Perfect for the chap about town who likes to keep his bum well ventilated in case of surprise medical examinations ;)

Saucy eh? Now if you think none of these would ever sell, think again. Gregg Homme are a world famous mens underwear brand specialising in outrages styles just like this one – and they sell these by the shedload.

Gregg Homme Fire is Available at Dead Good Undies.com with Matching Items >>

2. K’mando

Not strictly crotchless but they are backsideless, strapless, and more of a willy and ball muff than an item of mens underwear. And yet… the buzz around these recently has been enormous. The designer behind this has taken minimalism to a whole new level, and for that we salute him!

Ball socks are the new black – honest!!

In case you’re wondering, the K’mando fastens underneath your testicles with an adjustable popper type arrangement. From the reviews we’ve read online it does stay on and is self supporting. Scotsmen everywhere should get one of these for under their kilts – an ideal way to reduce embarrassing cold related shrinkage!

In The UK You Can Buy K’Mando at BodyAware >>

3. Sven O Bronx String Pouch

Perhaps not one to wear with those tight fitting jeans (suspect your joy department would glow in the dark!!).

Talk about letting it all hang out eh? Fishnet pouch to hold the dingly danglies, and a nice glory hole type arrangement through which to display your penis.

Sven O Bronx is on Sale at Lovehoney.com >>

4. Ballz Out Bikini Briefs

Hmm… what’s more disconcerting, that these underpants might make your downstairs area look like a chicken’s neck or the look on this guy’s face??

Another hommage to letting it all hang out! Come on, don’t be shy now. Let ’em swing free as nature intended!!

If you’re very keen you can import these from the good ‘ol USA, find them online at Skivvies.com >>

WildManT Protruder

Is there no end to the vanity! This strap is designed to do exactly what it says – lift and protrude yer balls!

Can’t quite picture it eh? Well not to worry, we got onto some of our contacts in the police photofit department and got them to draw you a diagram!!

Grab yours today. Geddit, geddit? Boom boom!!

Grab it at Boomlads>>


Well what do you think? Too out there to even contemplate, or a naughty eye opener that’s got you reaching for your credit card. Tell me about it below….

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