Solar Tan Thru Swim String – Tan Through Swimwear For Men!

Time to hit that beach boys!  If you’re a sun worshipper but are fed up of being denied that opportunity to get a fabulous all over tan then we have just the solution for you!  Mens swim strings by top swimwear brand Solar Tan Thru give you the opportunity to get that tan without having to head to a nudist beach.

Solar Tan Thru Swim String – Green

Banish those tan lines forever with these great & exclusive swim thongs that allow the suns rays to pass right through and caress the parts they can’t normally reach!  This sexy swim string will turn you into a bronzed adonis in no time at all.

Fabulous Solar Tan Thru Swim String – Rose

Featuring a vibrant green or pink pattern, the Solar Tan Thru swim string works through clever use of fabric technology.  Lots of little holes mean that this string is in fact transparent.  However the rich snakeskin pattern hides the fact that you can see through this swimwear and protects your modesty perfectly.

Remember – the small amount of UV protection provided by the swim string is roughly equal to an SPF 4 to 8.  It’s really important you remember to protect your package or you’ll end up with some really unfortunate sunburn!

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