Comfortable Underpants For Travel? Spanx For Men Cotton Compression Briefs!

Spanx For Men Compression Briefs
Sometimes men’s underwear makers take the theme of comfort and forget that men want style too. It’s all very well having the most comfortable underwear in the business, but when it doesn’t look good it sort of loses the point. Thankfully Spanx, a brand that takes notice of what we want, has come up with the answer.

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Full Underwear Description

The brilliantly stylish and highly innovative Compression briefs design is a clever take on a theme and is very impressive in the way it works; made from a perfect cotton and nylon mix with a touch of spandex for added shaping it is designed to provide superb comfort and support while also being very neat and attractive.

The double layered pouch is wonderfully supportive and also includes a vent at the top for additional breathing, making these the perfect briefs for that long flight or journey, and the cleverly designed flat waistband is a great innovation that relieves the digging in problem many garments present.

Spanx has left nothing to chance with this very clever and extremely successful design, and it has to be said that where comfort is concerned there is little on the market to beat it. Try it, and see what you’ve been missing!

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