Mens Fishnet Underwear Styles – Thongs Boxers Pouches & Posing Straps!

Sexy see through fishnet undies aren’t just for the ladies.  We’ve found a veritable cornucopia of incredibly naughty sheer and see through underwear for men created from the fabric that just screams “SEX!”.  Pouches, thongs, posing straps, boxers, and even Borat style mankinis.  All fashioned from fishnet!

Sven O Fishnet Boxers With Pouch

Mmmm… fine grade mesh is combined with a naughty tie front pouch to create the naughtiest boxer shorts in town.   The soft and incredibly touchable pouch creates an uplifted profile for your package.  Completely sheer at the rear, there’s not much left to the imagination with these undies.

Stretchy polyamide fabric creates a shiny texture to the sheer fabric for an extra bit of sexy glam!

Daring Sheer Men’s Briefs

Who’s a cheeky boy then?  These briefs come with their very own naughty sheer pouch to hold you know who!.  Fashioned from mesh fabric for a sexy look, these see through works of erotic art feature durable reinforced hems and countoured side seams.

The front pouch is shaped to give your man bits some extra lift and preventing that unfortunate “squished” look that some sheer underwear can create. Will fit a size 32 to 35 inch waist quite comfortably.  Grab yours today, before someone else does!

Male Power Fishnet Posing Strap

At last!  A posing pouch that REALLY lets you pose.  If you’re proud of your package then this is the strap for you.  Created from soft and sexy fishnet you’ll love how this strappy pair of sexy undies feel when you slip into them.  Featuring reinforced hems and a slim string that passes all the way around your waist, you’ll wonder why you’ve never bought one before.

Fits waist sizes 28 to 36 comfortably.  Any bigger than that,  and you’ll need to buy two and stitch ’em together 😉

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