Male Power Easy Access Velcro Front Mens Thong – Naughty Fun

Male Power Easy Access Velcro Front Mens Thong – Naughty Fun

Sexy underwear comes in all shapes and sizes, but few items are as much fun as this exciting and very naughty Easy Access Easy Access Front thong from Male Power. Of course, we have come to expect the very best in sexy and frivolous underwear from the Male Power brand, but this is really the ultimate in naughtiness and frivolity!

What makes this particular thong so great is the way the support is there – a well designed pouch gives you all you need – yet, in an instant, the front is open and everything revealed!

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Not for everyone, we admit, but be honest – sometimes a little fun needs injecting into even the most successful of sex lives, and this is nothing if it’s not fun!

The full stretch fit and shiny material add to the appeal but it’s the single Velcro hold that is most impressive; it’s easy to undo – by the wearer or another – and it’s very effective in exactly the way it’s meant to be!

The 90% nylon make up is comfortable to wear and gives great shaping, and it is a very affordable item for such a high quality brand; are you man enough to wear such a daring and outrageous item?

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