Sexy Tarzan Thong Loin Cloth – Male Power Animal Print – Bring Out The Tiger!

Male Power Animal Print Tarzan Loin Cloth

Me Tarzan you Jane! Fancy a bit of roleplay? This sexy tarzan loin cloth by top naughty mens underwear brand Male Power is ideal for a bit of roleplay in the bedroom. Leap out on your partner from that vine that’s been growing on top of the wardrobe all these years and enjoy some sexy jungle style fun. With its hot animal print styling things are sure to get hot and steamy!

Featuring a thong at the rear and loincloth covering at front and back this is a sure fire recipe for seduction and fun. At under fifteen quid its a great erotic investment and certainly won’t break the bank. Stretchy nylon spandex mix means it’ll fit well and create a sexy fit. If you love your leopard print this is an absolute must buy!

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