Sexy, kinky and erotic. There’s no other way to describe the outrageous styles created by mens brand Sven O. Inventor of push up undies for men and designer of a whole host of styles that are frankly daring in the extreme – this is a brand for men who love to be outrageous! Particularly popular are the fishnet and open front styles. Definately for the daring chap!

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Dare to be different with this top European brand’s outrageous ranges of sexy mens underwear styles. Sven O has been created especially for men who dare to be different, love to be sexy and can’t resist pushing those bedroom boundaries.

The brand are most famous for their line of “push up” styles for blokes who want a bit of a confidence booster. These innovative boxer shorts and briefs feature unique built in pouch technology which is designed to enhance profile, boost size, and make you look and feel downright sexy!

No fabric is out of bounds for this labels adventurous teams of underwear designers. Shiny PVC, wet look fabric, metallics, fishnet, mesh, and lame are all used to maximum effect in their ranges of pouches, thongs, boxers, trunks, and shorts. Sexy features include open fronts, quick release zippers, and even built in cock rings.

Sven O Mens Lace String

Treat yourself to a bit of "mangerie" with this sexy lace thong by Sven O!

They’ve been hard to find for a long time but at last lace mens underwear (and in this case strings) are starting to become available in the more mainstream areas of the market.   Sexy and delicately detailed sheer lace doesn’t leave much to the imagination – onlookers will get more than a sexy hint […]

Wet Look Lycra Posing Pouch by Sven O

Wet Look Posing Pouch When it comes to searching for exhibitionist sexy men’s underwear you should head straight for Sven-O, a brand that takes the influence of fetish gear and brings about some absolutely stunning examples of very stylish, very daring and often downright naughty designs. One such is this, a stunning wet look lycra […]

Fishnet Boxers with Package Enhancing Pouch – Sven O Bronx

Package Enhancing Boxers! There are few brands that do sexy and stylish men’s fashion underwear like Sven-O, and there are few that offer such stunningly original and outrageously naughty items as this, the wonderfully original and very, very daring fishnet boxers with a very sexy pouch from the well regarded Bronx range of products. See […]

Naughty Mens Zip Front Hipster Briefs by Sven O

Sven O Hipster Zip Front Briefs Oh Sven! You really have done it this time with these amazingly sexy zip front briefs. Clean crisp lines make these a pair of underpants that action man would be proud of. The stretchy ribbed spandex fabric creates a close fitting cut that’s sure to appeal to body conscious […]

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